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Donald Tusk:
Nie ma złych wyborców. Nie ma też złych regionów. Jest zła, skorumpowana
i agresywna władza. To ona dzieli, by rządzić. Walczmy z nią, nie między sobą.

Er zijn geen slechte kiezers. Er zijn ook geen slechte regio's. Er is een slechte, corrupte en
agressieve overheid. Ze verdeelt om te regeren. Laten we met haar vechten, niet onder ons.

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Central Europe’s Tough Choice: Macron or Orban?
25.06.2017 at 22:40:31
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Central Europe’s Tough Choice: Macron or Orban?

Ivan Krastev

Creative Commons, by European People's Party
Fears about political and economic marginalisation have damped the spread of new EU-optimism to Central Europe.

At the end of 2016, devastated by Brexit and unsettled by Donald Trump’s victory in the American presidential election, many Europeans fell into deep despair. They had become resigned to the notion that the European Union’s moment in history was over. Six months later, nothing is different, yet everything has changed.

Polls show that a growing number of Europeans are betting on the European Union. Improved economies across the Continent, the miserable performance of populists in the Netherlands, and the humiliation suffered by the “hard Brexiteer” Theresa May in this month’s general election in Britain have made many Europeans hopeful that the European Union has received a second chance, and that it is going to make the most of it.

Lees hier verder . . . . . .

Excuses had even geen tijd om deze lap te vertalen
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